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Category Overview

As the Category Leader, we want your help in defining your purpose. What is the purpose of your category, what are the essential features & use cases, why are they so important, and what is the outcome? We are the platform for your voice.


What should your category mean to the world?


What features make your product the category leader?


Why are these features so important to successful utilization?


What are the outcomes of these activities? Think ROI.

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You already have brand specific collateral to help your prospects evaluate your software. This most likely includes white-papers, ebooks, vendor comparisons, ROI reports, and more. This collateral is useful but also comes with a heavy dose of brand bias.

Complement your sales content with unbiased, interactive recommendations. When you eliminate your logo from a conversion, you can enter more conversations, earn better intelligence, and win more business.



Educate your industry, outside of your company’s digital walls. As the category leader, you are matched over 50% of the time. We want your voice to educate the future of your category.


Independent Conversions

All of our recommendations are independent and unbiased—based on thousands of user reviews.

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Give your sales team the intelligence to win.