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Customer Acquisition FAQ | Software Matcher

How it Works


What is a conversion vehicle?

What is a Conversion Vehichle

A conversion vehicle is a tool used to deliver value to a target customer, in exchange for relevant information. For example, a conversion vehicle could be a Software Price Calculator, to help a target customer understand how much a software typically costs. In exchange for the pricing information, the target customer would supply relevant information, such as what software they use, when they purchased, how many licenses, etc. It’s a give/get vehicle, heavy on the give.

How much does it cost?


Brass has 3 different pricing tiers that scale in terms of the amount of conversion vehicles. You can review the different packages here.

Where does the data come from?

Data Integrity

Many conversion vehicles generate a report as the output. Data integrity is the foundation of every campaign. In order to generate a report with actionable data, Brass ensures accuracy of information from third party sources and/or crowdsourced information from current and former users of a software.

How do I find my target accounts?

Target Accounts

Brass generates conversions from your list of target accounts. These are accounts that you’ve identified as high-priority, or, “perfect-fits” for your business. Most of our Customers run a report in their CRM to generate the list of target accounts.

This varies per campaign, but a common target account list may have the following criteria:

  • Opportunity is NOT a customer
  • Opportunity stage is NOT active
  • Last Activity is GREATER than 30 days
  • etc

If you do not have data for target accounts, that’s okay! Ask your sales team to send you a list of target accounts that they’ve struggled to gain traction with. Questions? info@go-brass.com

The Return on Brass

fueling SaaS

Actionable Sales Insights

Give your sales team more data and insights in order to reengage an account.

Wider Reach

Go wide and deep by getting outside of your own brand. Draw in target accounts that are currently owned by your competitors.


Grow your business by leveraging technology, not leveraging sales headcount.

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